This photo project started in 2014 and kept running through 2016, combining different stories, inspired with Russian folklore and dark side of fairy tales. Most of kokoshniks, masks and outfits made by the artist as well as photographs. None of works had been digitally manipulated.


Analogue from April 2014Inspired with the character named Phoenix or The Firebird (Zhar-ptitsa) is a Russian version of the legend of the Phoenix. The Firebird is a large bird of extraordinary beauty, enveloped in fire. She is the one to wish for to have and the one who gives a lot of troubles, but without her the story would not have started… Despite this magnificent appearance, it seems easy to capture the Firebird for illicitly eating the gold apples in the Tsar’s garden, but she gives to Ivan (main male character) a lot of troubles on his way to bring her at his father’s house or at least to get her feather.

Kokoshnik by Agnieszka Osipa

Outfit by the artist

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